Triathlon today

5:58 PM Posted by AimeeDee

Did a sprint tri today IN THE RAIN! Not fun... but I made it, 1/2 mile swim, 15 mie bike and 3 mie run. Its my fourth and last for the season. I am spent. Looking forward to sleep but wanted to poat that I made it. I wore the same wet suit as I did last time in June and it went on so much easier. YAY... having lost a little over 12 lbs helped a lot! YAY! I FINALLY made it below 200. its been a long time coming. I am almost to my 1/2 way point! Its taken 6 months to lose 39 lbs... but slow and steady wins the race I guess.

Had blood work done, mytriglycerides went down 98 points from 188 to 86! YAY! That is the good news, somehow my LDL went from 129 to 147... so those went in the wrong direction... need to figure that one out. And I had my C-Reactive Protein test done, a test for inflammation and it came back above highest risk for heart attack/stroke. I am getting re tested in 3 months. 1 is low risk, 2 is medium risk and 3 is highest risk... well mine came back 5.1 which scares the life out of me. I really want to see my youhgest graduate from HS and see my grand and great grand kids. Am praying it was a fluke though with my family history of heart disease.... well I am just going to pray and not think about it. I think it is important for all of you to have your rs-CRP blod test done. It is said to be a better preictor for heart disease then even a full lipid panel cholesterol test, especially when it is combined with results from the cholesterol test. Anyway.. I ramble.

Have a great weekend!


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